Breaking into the American market is simple, but not easy.

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    We advise companies on howenter the American market.

    At Olavarrieta Consulting, we have successfully helped companies from Europe and Mexico to expand to the US. We advise American companies to do business in Mexico and Latin America

    The Problem

    In an era of full interconnection it is still a challenge to break through cultural barriers, business practices and different regulations.

    Hiring a large law firm or consultants is unfeasible for entrepreneurs and for micro and medium-sized companies, as well as a superfluous expense for large companies.

    Each market has its practices and regulations that can become a burden for the business and not allow it to operate and grow.

    Our Solution

    As entrepreneurs, we know these challenges first hand and our solution has worked for us and other entrepreneurs and their companies as well.Our solution has worked for startups, medium and small businesses:

    • A Mexican bank seeking to position itself in the Mexican-American market.
    • A Spanish publisher looking to directly sell Spanish books in the US.
    • Manufacturing companies looking for new customers.
    • Entrepreneurs with franchises in the service sector.

    And much more...

    Our Services

    Opening new markets

    We coordinate with companies to develop effective business strategies to enter the American market. We provide representation in international investments and cross-border commercial contracting.

    Cross border transactions

    We provide advice to American and European companies on how to do business in Mexico and Latin America.

    Global networks

    We are passionate about connecting a global network of like-minded people and companies. Our vision is that doing business between regions is as easy as doing business across the street.

    Nearshoring Services

    We advise companies on their site selection, relocation, shelter, and industrial real estate services needs for moving manufacturing companies into Mexico. #nearshoring #friendshoring

    Simple and Efficient

    No more expenses in offices and firms.

    We help you connect your business with the reality of your environment.

    Simple butnot easy.

    We put our network of contacts and associates to achieve the goals of your business at your disposal

    We work directly

    With decision makers to directly support you in finding solutions.

    I have worked with Nelson at Corpay^, and aside from being an aggressive go-getter/top producer in sales, he has acted as an enthusiastic team player. His leadership abilities helped us find corporate and enterprise clients, lower their FX risk, reduce costs, manage exceptions, increase efficiencies, and improve the front and back-end experience for payers and beneficiaries/receivers."

    Al Friedman

    We are glad that the partnership between Olavarrieta Consulting and 2Mobile came to fruition. Breaking into a new market is tough, and Olavarrieta Consulting helped us expand our horizons. We recommend them to anyone trying to expand into the US".

    Matjaž Možina

    “Estoy muy emocionado de conocer sus proyectos de expansión y su interés en crear una empresa para consolidar su adquisición de productos para sus negocios en México y utilizar la inversión como una forma de obtener una visa para que usted y su familia se muden a los Estados Unidos. Estados Unidos Como abogado mexicano que ha trabajado en proyectos como estos, ofrezco mi experiencia, honestidad y trabajo duro para ayudarlo a usted y a sus empresas a navegar todo esto con certeza, transparencia y un enfoque donde pueda cumplir con todos estos necesidades.

    I know firsthand these procedures since I have been helping companies achieve goals like yours since 2009, and I can help you navigate smoothly through them and bring immediate and near future results. I look forward to working with you."

    — Nelson

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